“Making Websites For 20 Years With The Sole Intent Of Manipulating Google Search Results” – John Frazee

Intro to SEO Agency

20 years ago John Frazee went door to door and gave websites away for free. It was a means to practice photography, web design and programming.

Custom Website Designs  РOld and New (1999 Р2018)

These are a few of John Frazee’s custom web designs from 1999 to present. A selection of the non-profits he gave his work to corporate franchise accounts. All were designed in photoshop and hand coded in HTML CSS.


Video Production

Time Warner Cable Manu Ginobili Commercials

Non-Profits, Freelance and Clients



From Non-Existence to First Page of Google.

Website Re-design with Targeted Search Engine Optimization

From Nonsense to Targeted Organic Traffic

The NEED. (Just to exist)

Hosting, Website, Email, Analytics

Keyword List, Keyword Research, Keyword Tracking